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Reading Challenge Book #19, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Date started: August 4, 2012

Date finished: August 7, 2012

Nick Dunne’s wife, Amy, goes missing on the day of their fifth anniversary. There are signs of a struggle in the house, but the scene doesn’t look quite right. As everyone tries to figure out what happened to Amy, Nick quickly goes from cooperative husband to number one suspect. But did he really have something to do with his wife’s disappearance, or was there someone else the police should have been looking at?

My rating: 10/10

While I was reading Gone Girl, I had a moment where I thought, “Wow, how messed up is Gillian Flynn that she came up with this stuff?” What began as a simple case of a missing wife and a husband who becomes the prime suspect quickly turned in to something else altogether. And I loved it. Gone Girl is fast-paced, engaging, suspenseful, and thought-provoking. Initially, I had only rated it 4/5 stars on GoodReads, but now that a bit of time has passed, I can’t think of a single thing to warrant deducting a star.

Gillian Flynn did something a lot of others seem to have a hard time doing: She kept the reader guessing. As soon as you think you know what happened, she throws a huge curveball, and then a slider, and then a knuckleball, and all you can say is “I have no idea what to expect next.” By the end of the book I felt exhausted, like I had run a marathon. But I also felt satisfied, despite the crazy ending.

Here’s the thing about this book. Not only will it make you question what is happening in the novel, it will make you question yourself, your significant other, as well. It will make you wonder how well you can really know someone. And it will scare the hell out of you. This is not a book for the weak of heart; Gone Girl is psychologically intense. Proceed with caution.

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Book #19, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn”

  1. Cannot wait to read this. Downloaded it from that website you suggested, and am waiting to finish a book or two more before diving in, but everything I have heard about it is incredible. Have you read her other novel, Sharp Objects? That’s sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, too.

    1. It’s a pretty incredible book. I had to change my rating after I thought about it a little more. It definitely sticks with you. I haven’t read her other one yet, but I probably will after I finish reading the book I’m on now. I’m just always a bit wary of reading multiple books by the same author so close together because I always compare them and end up disappointed.

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