Technology Tuesday – Who Rules the Smartphone Market?

Are you Team Android, Team Blackberry, or Team iPhone? If you said Team Android, congratulations — you know who rules the smartphone market. 52.5 percent of smartphones run on the Android OS, while iOS only makes up 15 percent of the market share. Symbian made up 16.9 percent of the … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Firefox 8’s Built-In Twitter Search

Mozilla rolled out Firefox 8 today, and one of its biggest features is its built in Twitter search. The search is available across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and, perhaps more interestingly, is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Slovenian with more languages to come. (Side note: I am reveling … Continue reading

Technology Tuesday – Gmail and Google Reader’s New Changes

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Google officially rolled out the changes to Gmail and Reader today. Wondering what the new changes are? Well… Gmail now allows for quicker and more fluid switching between Mail, Contacts, and Tasks, as well as switching between Gchat and sending a … Continue reading

Good Idea, Bad Idea — LinkedIn Launches “Apply With LinkedIn” Button

Do you guys remember one of the segments in “Animaniacs” called “Good Idea, Bad Idea”? Here’s a sample of one in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, that’s exactly what popped into my head when I read Mashable’s article about LinkedIn’s new “Apply With LinkedIn” button. While … Continue reading