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You Oughta Know – New Music Releases (Oct. 11)

First things first. Yes, I realize VH1 did the “You Oughta Know” new music thing first. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Second. If you do not have Spotify, get on that! Pandora lovers may just find themselves jumping ship once they try the UK-based music service. If you have the $10 to pay for the premium, you can get your playlists on your phone, play them offline, get higher quality files, and some other good stuff.

OK, now down to business.

Evanescence’s self-titled third CD came out Tuesday. While I loved 2003’s “Fallen” (and who didn’t?), I was impartial to 2006’s “The Open Door.” But I really like this new one, especially the final track on the regular version, “Swimming Home.” Of course, because I’m listening on Spotify, the version I’m listening to is the bonus deluxe version, so there are four extra tracks.  To me the first song, “What You Want,” doesn’t quite fit the rest of the album, but that’s just my opinion. Fans of Amy Lee’s haunting vocals will be pleased with their return after a five-year hiatus.

Next up, Johnny Gill’s first solo effort in 15 years, “Still Winning.” Not crazy about the title, nor the first track of the same name, but other than that, I fell in love with the rest of the album after one listen. It’s classic Johnny Gill, R&B in its purest form that is sorely missing from today’s music scene. One of the highlights for me was “Long Long Time,” which reunites Gill with LSG bandmate Keith Sweat. Also on the track is Eddie Levert, lead singer of the O’Jays and whose son, Gerald, was the L in LSG. Quite simply, every track on this album is a winner (minus “Still Winning,” but maybe that’s just because it makes me think of Charlie Sheen’s crazy ass). Definitely one to listen to!

Perhaps I’ll write legitimate reviews at a later date, but this is just a first listen, wanted to bring it to your attention post for now.

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